Reengineering Education: Building Towards a New Ecosystem


Education’s Pipeline Problem

Even in private/independent schools such a pivot is often incredibly challenging. This can be summarized simply due to education’s pipeline problem. Despite the global call for such a shift in education, ultimately it is still the fear of entrance exams and perceived entrance requirements to notable colleges and universities that stifles so much change. Each school community is left doing the dance of understanding how to do this kind of shift, while simultaneously educate/sell parents on why this is so important and how the school will still be able to effectively walk both lines — excelling a traditional education ‘basics’ and exams, while also preparing their kids to be highly skilled for our complex world.

An Emerging, Innovative Ecosystem

That could all change in the near future though. Finally we are seeing some top-down, and outside-in change to the education pipeline. Although it seemed employers had gotten used to having to spend several months re-skilling even recent college graduates, it seems the dramatic global shifts in jobs and skills looming large have pushed many into action to solve the skills pathways problem:

  • Yet employers, trying to find the right talent to fit their needs, rely on a person’s ability to communicate the value of their skills and experience;
  • Our talent marketplace is fragmented, preventing an individual’s record of learning from being transferable data. And any data that is collected, is siloed; and
  • With rapidly shifting jobs and industries in the next several decades, millions of people will need to navigate their way through re-skilling for workforce placement.
  • Modernize technology and advance data standards to achieve seamless sharing of data throughout a person’s education and career pathway.
  • Empower individuals with a validated record of their skills and competencies in a way that all employers can understand.

What are the Implications for Education?

The implications for education are significant. The T3 initiative has many aspects of this ecosystem already in development, and a number of them will plug right into education — including LERs (Learning and Employment Records), a digital record of learning can document learning wherever it occurs, including at the workplace or through an education experience, credentialing, or military training. LERs are similar to electronic health records (EHRs) and have the potential to improve education and hiring outcomes in the same way that EHRs have improved healthcare delivery.

The LearnX LER profile example



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Jennifer Groff

Jennifer Groff

Learning Futurist. I research, design and create learning technologies, environments and systems. PhD @MIT Media Lab; CEO/Founder of Learning Futures